Moselle Butterfly Sunglasses, Sapphire Blue

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Product Information

Merging avant-garde designs with opulent details, the Moselle Butterfly Sunglasses are the ultimate expression of drama and luxury. The semi-rimless frames shimmer with Pointiage® degrade Swarovski Crystal embellishment to add maximum sparkle. In an oversized style, these sunglasses echo the luminous Atelier Swarovski Moselle jewelry collection.

The Atelier Swarovski Eyewear collection embodies the same creativity and innovation as its cutting-edge jewelry designs. Adding shade to your look, these sunglasses are embellished by bespoke, radiant Swarovski Crystal detailing at the temples that dance and glitter with every move. Each pair includes a luxury case inspired by crystal facets, which seamlessly combines style with functionality.

Inspired by the unique vision of its designers, the Atelier Swarovski Accessories are expertly crafted to bring light-filled brilliance to any look.

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