The Birth of a New Diamond

Lab-created diamonds mark an exciting new chapter in the story of the most precious of gems. For Swarovski, it marks a historic step forward in pioneering innovative man-made materials.

Honoring the miracle of nature

Scientific studies prove that laboratory created diamonds cause considerably less environmental and adverse human impact than mined diamonds. That is why we are proud of our Swarovski Created Diamonds, which honor the miracle of nature by replicating its most prized gem in a sustainable way. The process begins in a laboratory with a tiny diamond seed – derived from the slivers of a bigger crystal that has been laser sawed and polished – under intense heat and pressure. These extreme conditions speed up the diamond-formation process, allowing for carbon atoms to rapidly nurture and make the diamond grow. Swarovski’s master cutters then precision-cut the stone to perfection. The result is a sparkling lab-created diamond identical to its natural counterpart and with the same chemical, physical and optical properties that can be graded according to the Four Cs of diamond quality: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Both are 100 percent carbon, both have the same hardness, brilliance and fire – both are forever.

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