Marina Clutch, Golden Shadow & Velvet

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A meta-design, the Marina bag calls upon Swarovski's prized resource, the crystal, as inspiration for its faceted silhouette. Crystal fine mesh covers each clutch with some characterized by their contrasting sides of satin and velvet, offering a contemporary reimagining of a classic accessory.

Convertible clutch - Swarovski Crystal Fine Mesh in Silvershade; silver velvet; stainless steel; alcantara lining; clasp closure with Swarovski crystal stone; detachable shoulder strap; designed by Atelier Swarovski


Atelier Swarovski jewelry is a delicate product, and requires special care:

  • Store jewelry in original packaging or a soft pouch.
  • Polish frequently with a soft cloth.
  • Remove jewelry before washing hands, swimming or applying body care products.
  • Avoid hard contact (e.g. knocking against objects).

Atelier Swarovski offers a warranty of 2 years on all its products.

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