Greg Lynn

Born in Ohio, USA, Greg Lynn is known for generating style ideas and breaking boundaries through his irregular architectural forms. A Professor at UCLA School of Art and Architecture and a ‘Visiting Professor’ at Yale University, Lynn invented the term ‘blob architecture’ taking his inspiration from aerospace and nautical fields. He creates a three-dimensional jewelry collection for Atelier Swarovski, with clusters of stones oriented to create varied views of the pieces when worn.


"The collection is inspired by the contrast between sand dollars and sea glass.  I wanted the crystals to be large and bold in their shape but in their color subtle and slightly different in tone from one another. The juxtaposition of the geometric facets of the crystals with the organic smoothness of the forms that support them lends the pieces an elegant primitive quality where you aren’t sure if the object is a contemporary design object or something very old, eroded and polished like driftwood, river stones or sea glass. The forms are smooth and contoured... in a bone white and colored crystal material that stands out from skin tone.”