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Prism was borne out of designer Tomás Alonso’s desire to create maximum material and color effect for his pieces. The objects in the series are constructed from crystal and marble prisms, bonded together to create a unique set of trays and tabletop objects. As the user moves around the objects the combination of color and precision cut angles produces fascinating optical illusions and effects.

Prism vase, assorted colors:

The divine combination of color and facets in this cylindrical vase by Tomás Alonso join for a daring display of technical prowess and graphic mastery. Changing as if by magic upon different angles of viewing, this piece from Prism is an experiential object with unique dimension.

Size: 10cm x 20.5cm

Prism circular tray, assorted colors:

With carefully angled prisms laid for maximum color facet effect, the Prism tray by Tomás Alonso radiates a vibrant, changing color landscape of faceted crystal. It's circular shape gives this tray a unique modern feel.

Size: Base 23cm, Top 27.5cm, H2.7cm

Prism rectangular tray, large, assorted colors and marble:

Constructed from layering multi-colored crystal prisms, this tray from the Prism collection features flat faceted Swarovski crystal which refract and radiate varying color tonalities at each edge. Offering a brilliant and modern appeal, this geometric tray plays with muted colors and marble edges.

Size: L37cm, W27.5cm, H2cm

Prism square tray, medium, assorted colors and marble:

Faceted crystal is spun around classic marble for this electric tray by Tomas Alonso. With each prism constructed for maximum color effect, every angle of viewing provides a fascinating new visual experience.

Size: Ø30cm

Available in selected stores from 2018.