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Inspired to create a collection which embraces the raw form of crystal, Fredrikson Stallard’s Glaciarium features a series of objects whose natural surfaces erupt in surprising luminosity. From candlestick holders to centerpieces and vases, each object expresses luxury in its own elemental way.

Glaciarium Orchid Vase, crystal:

Inspired by the essential nature of Swarovski crystal, the Glaciarium Orchid Vase embraces impressive height and simple form, lending this piece a rare gravity and simplicity.

Size:  H42cm, Center Width 13cm, Base Width 7cm

Glaciarium Candlestick Holders, crystal:

Singular in its irregular, breathtaking silhouette, the form of the Glaciarium Candlestick Holders accentuates the natural brilliance of Swarovski crystal. The bold, dappled interplay of naturally lit surfaces give these Candlestick Holders a surprising luminosity.

Size: H37.5cm, Center Width 9cm, Base Width 6cm, Holder Diameter 2.2cm

Glaciarium Centerpiece, crystal:

Transparent and elemental, the Glaciarium Centerpiece presents Swarovski crystal in its most fundamental form and sparkles with a natural brilliant lustre. The perfect Centerpiece for your dinner table.

Size: H7cm, L46cm, Center Width 27cm

Glaciarium Bowl, crystal:

True to the integrity of Swarovski crystal's raw physical expression, the Glaciarium Bowl in pure crystal has an elemental feel. With it's expressive shape, the bowl brings an innate brilliance to any surface.

Size: Small – H6.7cm, L16cm, Center Width 13.7cm

Size: Large - H10.3cm, L27.3cm, Center Width 22.1cm

Glaciarium Night Light, crystal:

Transparent and elemental, the Glaciarium Night Light sparkles with a natural brilliant lustre.

Size: H12.6cm, L13.3cm, Center width 11cm

Price range €499 - €3490

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