Zaha Hadid

Spring/Summer 2010 | Crista

At the crux of architecture, design, and the avant-garde is the internationally recognized architect Zaha Hadid. Known for her technical prowess as well as her steadfast, pioneering approach to female developed architecture, the late Zaha Hadid was a designer whose career was forged from vision and unmatched talent. Credited with having developed her own architectural language, her signature fluid, organic shapes are visible in her Glace collection for Atelier Swarovski. Evocative, molten shapes ooze slowly over the skin in black, white and flame tones. Deep within each piece are set tiny blue, white and red crystals that glisten like bubbles below the surface, enhancing the organic designs.

"I wanted the piece to convey Swarovski’s ethos not just through its design, but through materiality"

— Zaha Hadid

Founder of her eponymous company Zaha Hadid Architects, her work spanned the interrelated fields of urbanism, architecture and design. Ranging from furniture to city planning, Hadid’s aesthetic encompassed all scales of design with a nod towards the warped, anti-gravitational space of Russian avant-garde painting and sculpture. A lifelong innovator and enthusiast for new technologies, her collaborations with Swarovski date back to 2007, with projects ranging from spiralling light installations (Crystal Palace, Salone del Mobile 2008) to the sculptural jewelry collection ‘Glace’ (Atelier Swarovski 2010).

For her collaboration with Atelier Swarovski Home, ‘Crista’, Zaha Hadid debuted a collection of imposing centerpieces in crystal and metal. Inspired by the process crystallization which occurs in nature, the design is also notable for its use of Swarovski’s new Wave Cut technology, which launches in 2016.


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