Raw Edges


Playful, nonconformist yet ultimately utilitarian, couple Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay’s creations play with illusion and form. The Israeli duo met while studying at the College of Art in London under designer Ron Arad, and in 2007 set up their studio Raw Edges in London. Their furniture, products and installations have attracted commissions for Cappellini, Established & Sons, and Stella McCartney among others. This is their first collaboration with Swarovski.

"You see something and you’re not sure how it works or what’s behind it — and that’s inspiring."

— Raw Edges

Raw Edges showcase a new laser-jet Swarovski crystal printing technique in ‘Printed’, seen across a range of variating centerpieces for the home. Layering colorful patterns on the interior of the objects, designs are distorted and augmented by the crystal faceting. When the crystals sit together, the reflections and layering reveal additional images of even greater depth.

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