Discover the debut collection of crystallized sunglasses

Atelier Swarovski is proud to introduce its first-ever eyewear collection displaying the same creativity, craftsmanship and innovation illustrated throughout the brand’s jewelry and home décor lines. Exclusively Made in Italy, the collection features five fresh styles that celebrate cutting-edge design and extravagant crystal application.

The debut collection takes inspiration from Atelier Swarovski’s Nile and Moselle jewelry families, showcasing similar silhouettes and unique product characteristics from each line. Special features include a bespoke sparkling crystal inset on the temple tip as well as the use of Swarovski’s state-of-the-art Pointiage® technique. A welcome addition to the brand’s brilliant line-up, the full eyewear range is meticulously crafted using materials and methods of the highest caliber to create covetable designs that embody the ultimate expression of luxury.

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