Barbara Barry

Surrounded by a family of artists and painters, Barry takes inspiration in the subtlety of colors and forms from nature. Often experimenting with her initial designs through watercolors, the artist has created an extensive portfolio of home furnishings. Soft lines and hard edges, developed in natural materials of calming tones paired with vivid accents comprise her works. Barry examines the beauty of everything, both inner and outer, remembering the interconnectivity of this characteristic to develop organic pieces that radiate positivity.

I love the way crystal holds light and reflects light; simply the way it sparkles

— Barbara Barry

Barry founded her Los Angeles based interior-design firm in 1985, which has since grown from residential interior design to include numerous licensing partnerships, creating furniture, fabrics, and lighting for the home that seek to engage the senses.

For Lumen, her first collaboration with Atelier Swarovski Home, Barry designed a range of multi-functional candle holders and vases in mellow hues. Brass and gun-metal effects accent the clarity of the crystal for a riveting juxtaposition of materials that coincide in perfect harmony. The versatile pieces play with compositions of color and light – always a focus of Barry’s – which bring an intimate warmth to her magical home décor.


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