Shaun Leane

Autumn/Winter 2015

Shaun Leane brings to his Swift collection for Atelier Swarovski both the classic skills he learned as an apprentice goldsmith and his talent for modern, inventive jewelry design. Inspired by the acrobatic birds of the same name, the collection features bold, fluid lines that recall the agility of a swift in flight and smoothly follow the contours of the body. The simplicity of the design highlights the extraordinary power of Swarovski crystals to reflect and refract light whilst the choiceful color palette of black and antique white crystals allows a natural radiance to take center stage.

"I like to fuse elements of tradition with a contemporary design approach."

— Shaun Leane

Apprenticed in London’s renowned jewelry district—Hatton Garden—Shaun Leane first learned the precise art of mounting diamonds and the delicate process of restoring antique jewelry in a place where nothing less than perfection was demanded. This classical training has stayed with him and the Victorian era, as well as the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements are among his biggest influences.

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