Pippa Small

Spring/Summer 2009

Pippa Small’s background is different by any measure; with training in medical anthropology, she spent years working with remote communities while simultaneously nurturing her love of design. Her two exquisitely beautiful pieces for Atelier Swarovski draw on her multicultural influences but exert a universal appeal thanks to their purity and simplicity.

Each piece is adorned with a single, large, white Swarovski crystal. Light is reflected off and refracted within the uncut crystals to create glittering, statement adornments whilst the polished silver bands provide the perfect setting. Featuring an oversized version of the classic diamond ring, also reworked as a cuff, this collection plays with proportion, materials and expectations to create beautiful and subtly surprising jewelry.

Pippa Small’s career began as a researcher for human rights organizations, working with NGOs. She used the contacts made during this period to set up fair trade design projects in the communities she had worked with, researching traditional designs, sourcing local materials and finding new ways for people to use skills handed down for generations. The designer also worked as a consultant for fashion houses such as Gucci, Chloé and Nicole Farhi. Inspired by natural forms and ancient design, her work uses uncut gems and unusual stones to create organic pieces steeped in heritage. She has also opened shops in London and Los Angeles to display her creations and finds from around the world.

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