Philippe Ferrandis

Autumn/Winter 2015

Since 1986, Philippe Ferrandis has been developing his unique vision of fashion jewelery, using a wide range of materials and collaborating with leading lights of the fashion world such as Oscar de la Renta. With a specialty in rendering ambiance and concept into his designs, Ferrandis creates jewelry that gifts the wearer with more than just beautiful pieces, but concepts and moods.

"We are once again in the mood for statement pieces and bold jewelry."

— Philippe Ferrandis

His first collection for Atelier Swarovski, the Manhattan Collection, features a range of sophisticated, geometric designs. Inspired by the breath-taking New York skyline and the Art Deco movement, the sharp lines of the square and baguette shaped crystals create an urban and sophisticated look, while the two color palettes reflect different sides of the city. Tonal crystal embodies the classic elegance of the Upper East Side in champagne, amber and anthracite shades offset by silvery palladium. Multicolor crystal brings to life a New York thunderstorm, glowing with neon and lit by flashes of lightning in midnight blues, electric purples and emerald greens set in ruthenium toned metal.

Ferrandis’ bold, glamorous style has attracted admirers from the worlds of fashion and jewelry ever since he set up his eponymous brand in 1986. He designed for Swarovski for over a decade and in 2011 his commitment to traditional craftsmanship earned him an EPV award (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), recognizing the artisanal excellence of his work. At his Parisian atelier, each piece is entirely handmade by a team trained at the most respected French jewelry schools.

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