Mawi Keivom

Spring/Summer 2009

Drawing on her Indian roots and international upbringing, the talented accessories designer Mawi Keivom created the Tribal Luxe collection for Atelier Swarovski. Taking inspiration both from African tribal jewelry and more modern design, the collection is based around harmonious opposites and surprising combinations, with donut and rectangular shaped Swarovski crystals strung onto twisted ropes of green, yellow, purple and black silk to create the simple yet bold pieces.

"Oversized tassels and crystal-studded clasps lend a decadent feel."

— Mawi Keivom

Born in northeast India and raised around the world, Mawi launched her own line in 2002, debuting the following year at London Fashion Week. She has honed her skills through experimenting with vintage treasures and mismatched finds to produce strikingly unique pieces that feel like precious heirlooms. Her eclectic and individual style won her the New Generation Award for three consecutive years and she has been gathering a loyal following ever since for her colorful and inventive designs.

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