Masha Ma

Spring/Summer 2015

Named for the midnight flower that blooms only once in the darkness to die before sunrise, Masha Ma’s wondrous Epiphyllum collection with Atelier Swarovski translates the flower’s blossom in sweeping, delicate shapes and articulate vine-work. The Chinese fashion designer captures the essence of this mysterious flower with a sensual translation of the flower’s blooms and leaves into delicate resin and crystal pieces. The simple yet striking color palette of midnight blue and moonlit white recalls the pale flowers and their night-time opening, whilst the tonal crystals add a subtle sparkle to the designs reminiscent of a flower’s first blush. A fleeting moment of beauty is transformed into a jewel that can be worn and treasured for a lifetime.

"It really doesn’t matter where you take design from, it’s about where you take it to."

— Masha Ma

Masha Ma studied at Central Saint Martins and, after a stint at Alexander McQueen, established her own label. Her designs are modern and elegant but always feminine, with a bold and contemplative intricacy. Ma has received numerous awards for her designs, including New Design Talent of the Year from The Audi Arts and Design Award. She has also collaborated with singer Laure Shang and took part in Swarovski’s Runway Rocks haute couture project to produce her Shining Tears collection.

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