Maison Margiela

Spring/Summer 2014

When one of the most influential, revolutionary and mysterious fashion houses joined forces with Atelier Swarovski, the result was a groundbreaking development in jewelry: the crystal fusion technique which merges crystal and resin into a seamless whole. The elemental Crystalactite collection of white resin and clear crystal is composed of asymmetrical shapes that are at once deeply natural and daringly futuristic. Inspired by stalactites and featuring a cuff, a pendant and a bracelet, this collection spotlights the innovation of the design and the depth of technical skill used to create the jewelry.

"Naturally and spontaneously, an imposing crystal emerges."

— Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela is a fashion house without parallel. The eponymous founder made waves with his first collection in 1989, challenging ideas of what luxury could be and inaugurating the grunge movement. Rejecting mass media and the cult of personality, he has rarely been photographed or interviewed. After he left the collective in 2009, a faceless design team was appointed in his stead and the house continues to surprise and influence the world of fashion and beyond.

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