Karl Lagerfeld

Autumn/Winter 2010

Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic style marries modern shapes and classic appeal, reworking traditional designs to create innovative pieces saturated with meaning.

Inspired by Inca jewelry, the highly stylized serpents and sacred circles of this collection lend these pieces a hypnotic allure. Dazzling white crystals reflect the light in a thousand different directions while the larger, rich blue crystals conceal bottomless depths. From pendants and cuffs to versatile brooches, each one of these pieces is both deceptively simple and arrestingly graphic. Shown on the runway half hidden behind open coat sleeves or adorning shirts and dresses, ancient motifs are woven with a modern simplicity to create truly timeless jewelry.

Indisputably one of the most influential names in fashion and haute couture, Karl Lagerfeld is a legendary designer, photographer and publisher. Meticulous attention to detail lies behind every aspect of his designs, where no stitch is superfluous, even in the most opulent of couture dresses. His vision may direct the seasonal changes of fashion, but his own distinctive silhouette of slim jeans, a white shirt and a black jacket paired with shades is immutable.

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