Jonathan Saunders

Autumn/Winter 2007-2008 | Spring/Summer 2008-2009

Known as the king of print, fashion designer Jonathan Saunders has adapted his signature patterns for jewelry in his striking collections for Atelier Swarovski. Over three seasons he has made use of Swarovski’s exclusive Pointiage technique to create colorful crystallized designs, some formal and symmetrical, others more natural and eclectic.

"It is always inspiring to see my print designs interpreted in such a unique way."

— Jonathan Saunders

Across the collections, Saunders’ inspirations have been as diverse as industrial architecture, the Art Deco movement, Murano glass and the work of Frank Stella and Richard Linder. From cuffs and rings to crystallized bags, his collection plays with the iridescence of crystal and the interplay of monotone color schemes with complex print patterning.

The Scottish born designer has a tailor-made approach to patterns. Rather than using existing ones, he designs a print to suit each individual outfit, and is known to have created up to twenty prints for a single collection. His collaborations with Atelier Swarovski have mirrored the designs produced for his own label and jewelry from his collections have accompanied his clothes down the catwalk in New York during multiple fashion cycles.

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