Greg Lynn

Autumn/Winter 2012

Greg Lynn is one of the most influential living architects, famous for coining the term Blob Architecture and using his misshapen forms to redefine our ideas of architectural beauty. It is this love of irregularity that he brings to his collection for Atelier Swarovski. Inspired by the contrast between sand dollars and sea glass, the smooth, organic shapes of this collection have an elegant, primitive quality, broken up by the bi-colored settings which add a contemporary edge. The designs are available in both dramatic black and gold and a softer mint and silver.

"I wanted the crystals to be large and bold."

— Greg Lynn

A professor at the UCLA School of Architecture and Design and a visiting professor at Yale, Greg Lynn uses pioneering digital technology to extend design opportunities across multiple scales and media. He created the Crystal Sail for Swarovski in 2009, which combined nautical technology with sparkling glittering crystal mesh. His 2012 collection uses crystals on a smaller scale but is equally designed to be seen from all angles, displaying his talent for bringing design off the page and into three-dimensional reality.

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