Emma J Shipley

Autumn/Winter 2014

Emma J Shipley has quickly become known worldwide for her beautiful, intricately patterned scarves made from the finest Italian fabrics. Her collection for Atelier Swarovski found inspiration in the mysterious snow leopard, with the leopard’s majestic, patterned fur printed onto scarves and crafted into shimmering rings and bracelets. Clear and jet black crystals are arranged across the collection for designs reminiscent of the snow leopard’s unique spots.

"The challenge of creating my signature style in three dimensions was really exciting."

— Emma J Shipley

Shipley’s graduate collection of printed scarves was bought by legendary boutique Browns, and she launched her brand at London Fashion Week soon after. Her commitment to timeless luxury has won her numerous awards, including the UK Fashion & Textiles RISE Newcomer Award. She is fascinated by the science behind evolution, chaos theory and fractal patterns and also takes inspiration from her many travels.

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