Diana Vreeland

Spring/Summer 2013

The impact that the eternally stylish Diana Vreeland made over her fifty year career earned her the moniker the "Empress of Fashion." Together with her estate, Atelier Swarovski celebrates Vreeland’s inimitable glamour and timeless elegance in a collection inspired by her own jewelry collection. Ranging from the luxurious Dance necklaces and earrings with their ropes of crystal, to the eclectic shapes and sizes of the Tassel pieces and the Art Deco style of the DV Cross range, this collection exudes an eternally relevant sense of luxury. A simple color palette of clear crystal and black diamond plays off of vital red and deep turquoise tones.

"Diana Vreeland was one of the great 20th century fashion visionaries."

— Nadja Swarovski

Vreeland had no formal education but her curiosity and hard work laid the foundations for a long and extraordinary career. She became editor of Vogue at almost sixty and, ten years later, became the director of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Her reputation for wit, lightness and pithy truisms masked an incredible dedication to her work and commitment to spotting and supporting young talent, whether they be designers, photographers or writers. Vreeland continues to be a source of constant inspiration for the fashion world today.

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