Arik Levy

Autumn/Winter 2011 | Autumn/Winter 2013

Arik Levy, best known for his sculptures and installations, has turned his talent for the avant-garde into to the two Rock Craters collections for Atelier Swarovski. Binding together natural forms with futuristic design, thousands of tiny crystals set in polished metal structures emerge from shimmering hollows that reflect light in every direction.

"Life is a system of signs and symbols where nothing is quite as it seems."

— Arik Levy

Inspired by naturally occurring geodes, the jewelry resembles an organic surface which has been broken open to reveal sparkling precious rocks within. Enhanced by the unique mix of multi-coloured Swarovski crystals, the pieces include hidden crystal expressions of deep purple and magenta in combination.

Artist, filmmaker, photographer, designer and technician, Levy is a true polymath. Born in Israel, he spent as much time in his early years surfing as he did designing, going on to study at the Art Center Europe in Switzerland before working in Japan. Upon returning to Europe, Levy set up his firm, Ldesign. Now based in Paris, he continues to expand the field of innovative industrial design which captures imagination and distils the modern, spirited essence Levy has become known for.

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