Aldo Bakker

Moving beyond the design zeitgeist of the times, Aldo Bakker is a designer whose work is a testament to that which refuses to assimilate – beyond the culture and sociology of his era, his work is at once singular, powerful and surprising in its beauty. Each creation brings attention to the pure vision behind the design, a balance of functional and beautiful.

The beauty of crystal is that it can be both fluid and architectural.

— Aldo Bakker

Born in the Netherlands in 1971 to Dutch designers Gija Bakker and Emmy Van Leersum, Bakker grew up in an environment infused with a strong aesthetic sensibility. Deciding against traditional education and instead following his own path, he was first trained as a silversmith working on commission. Bakker set up his own studio in 1994, later moving into furniture and product design. Bakker is a professor at the Design Academy at Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This is his first collaboration with Swarovski.

Aldo Bakker’s newest collection, Facet, follows inspirations conjured up from the artist’s first collaboration with Atelier Swarovski Home. Multi-faceted bottle stoppers, radiant paperweight lenses, and playful handheld magnifiers complete a series of brilliant objet d’ arts which play on the craftsman’s infatuation with purity of form and composition.
‘Crystal Vase’, Bakker’s debut collection from 2016, presented 3 vases in different sizes, constructed in faceted, graphic form with crystal, marble, and pink onyx for a fascinating play of light. Although functional, the design is abstract, allowing the user to feel and play with the way one element fits with another.


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